crushpad is an independent music production company located in Houston, TX, founded and run by producer Eric Jarvis.


Eric is a native Houstonian, fifth-generation Texan, and lifelong musician.  He has worked on over 50 records with various artists (local to international) and continues to produce, arrange, record, mix and/or perform on records in Texas and elsewhere.  Eric is also a seasoned live performer and has had the privilege of performing for audiences across America, playing and sharing the stage with some amazingly talented artists, friends, colleagues and personal heroes.

A gifted, experienced producer and multi-instrumentalist, Eric has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented music professionals in Texas and elsewhere.  He trained under GRAMMY-winning engineer/producer Dave McNair, has co-produced and worked extensively with Dan Workman, renowned producer/engineer and co-owner of SugarHill Studios, and has worked on several projects with renowned producer/engineer Joe Hardy, formerly of the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN.

Eric is currently president of the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy and holds a seat on its Producers & Engineers Committee.





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