"I have been fortunate to work with Eric on a number of projects. He
always delivers the goods."

-- Dave McNair, GRAMMY-winning producer, mixing/mastering engineer

"Eric has become a great friend, and my 'go to' guy for session playing and co-production. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of the musical literature. That, combined with his killer chops, and great personality make Eric's contributions to a project really magical."

-- Dan Workman, producer: Dan Workman Music, owner: SugarHill Recording Studios



"Eric has the multi-instrumentalist skills that only come with a lifetime of experience. He has a virtual encyclopedic knowledge of recorded music. In addition to these, he has a very up-to-date working knowledge of studio recording. He's a great songwriter and singer as well. This combination of talents makes Eric a very exiting person to work with. He's very dynamic, intelligent, and perceptive. So I feel confident in working with him that we'll be able to work through difficulties in the creative process, and come up with something fresh and inspired. Working with Eric on mixes for a recent record was, as anticipated, a real pleasure. Eric quickly gets a sense of the scope and context of the project as a whole, as well as the various parties and interests. He always finds a sound that satisfies. "

-- Matt Johnson, drummer/recording artist (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright)

"Working with Eric is always something I look forward to because he possesses a great talent and skill as a musician/producer. In addition, his personality for me is so fun to be around that it always seems to have a positive effect on the sessions."

-- Billy Harvey, producer, songwriter, musician

"Eric Jarvis never ceases to amaze me! I have worked on several projects that Eric has produced, and each time I am impressed by his vision, and his ability to think outside the box in a creative and musical fashion. I wanna be like him when I grow up!"

-- Tommy Detamore, producer, musician, engineer

"There is no one I would trust greater with a full-scale production than Eric Jarvis."

-- J. Hall, renowned recording and mixing engineer

"Working with Eric Jarvis has been a whole adventure. This is my first time working with a non-Guatemalan arranger and I must say that it has been a good experience. Eric proved always very enthusiastic with this project, even before getting started. Communication between us has been very fluent and that helped a lot in the completion of this record. Thanks Eric for all your cooperation, your enthusiasm and your work. Blessings !!"

-- Mario Menéndez, Producer, Vision Latina Music, Guatemala

"Eric thank you for doing such an excellent job. It was my first time recording a cd and you made it feel extremely easy and comfortable. I had a lot of fun and I hope I can work with you again. God bless you."

-- Gabriela, Guatemalan recording artist

"Eric is the future of American soul..
Great producer, musician and friend!"

-- Joel Guzman, 2-time GRAMMY award-winning accordionist

"None more professional than Eric Jarvis! I hired him for studio sessions to play guitar and bass. We cut the tracks on the fly with only one listen for Eric, he came up with exceptional parts and laid them down in one take. Saving both time and money, everyone involved was thrilled with his performance."

-- Billy Hale, Bully Management (former tech chief for ZZ Top, Kid Rock, the Recantours)

"Eric.....many thanks to you . I love what you brought to the tunes. You are a pro...you came in and nailed it. I also want to thank you for working with me and putting up with my ideas...you put what I heard in my head down on tape (hard drive). I look forward to working with you again. Thanks again."

-- John Douglas, World-class drum and guitar customizer/drum tech

"I count myself blessed to have been able to bring Eric Jarvis in on a number of projects I was either producing or musically directing. It is very rare to find someone with such sensitivity to the whole picture, delicious sounding gear, and the elusive “X-factor”: the gift of finding the right notes on the right instrument and executing them with precision and grace. It is additional blessing to have all of that talent coupled with a truly enviable relational capacity with artists, players and fellow producers."

-- Matt Hammon, songwriter/producermusician (Olivette Music)

"Eric Jarvis's love for, and vast knowledge of, music is remarklable. Those attributes, combined with his fine muscianship and superb ear, make working with him a truly excting, educational and satisfying experience. Not to mention he is one HILARIOUS mofo / sleepy man.

-- Anne Loo, recording artist

"Eric Jarvis has brought a balance of so many different aspects to our project that it's difficult to name them all: incredible knowledge without arrogance, versatility with focus, music business accumen and broad vision - and through it all, keeping us sane with his insane humor."

-- Scott Spencer, recording artist (Ko)

“Multi-instrumentalist Eric Jarvis brings the big guns (and big toms, for that matter!) to the recording studio and stage for your project, no holds barred. Whether anchoring part of a huge choir, or rocking the house on tour opening for ZZ Top, Jarvis is a force of nature.”

-- KANUDE, recording artist

"Eric Jarvis is one third Godhead, another third very nice to work with and a
final third very funny guy."

-- Rafael Gayol, recording artist, renowned drummer/musician

"I had a great fullfilling experience working with Eric. He knows how to make you happy. He can read you so well that it feels like you've been listening to music together since high school, but at the same time he knows exactly how to make a super-pro, powerful, beautiful sound. He never tires of listening to you, working on details, and he wants to make the best out of it, always."

-- Dalila Pasotti, recording artist (Amazon Dart)


























































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